Google promises 3 shifts in the Play Store. The company takes on old, outdated applications

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Edward Cunningham, who fully position Product Manager in the Department responsible for the development of the Android system, betrayed that little about the company’s plans related to the applications available in Google Play. Here are the changes that Google wants to introduce over the coming years.

Google takes over the ecosystem of applications on Android

Google takes over the ecosystem of applications on AndroidThe Google Play store will go through the changes. The goal of the Google team responsible for Android in the coming years is not only to optimize the most popular platform on the market for mobile devices, but also to improve the security and performance of the applications available in it, as the group reported real apk leecher on its blog.

Mentioned at the beginning of Cunningham clearly indicates that every year users install and update billions of applications from Google Play, which is a reason for the company’s pride. Points out, however, at the same time that Android is proposing to introduce three significant changes that will affect app developers and you will find that even more they will take care of the prepared position. The changes that Google wants to introduce soon should come out good for all users. The effects of the first one should be visible soon.

Google will take care of the ” certificate of authenticity”. The first real apk leecher of the planned new product has come into force in early 2018. Google does, however, indicate that the process will be automatic and you do not need to take any action from developers or users. What exactly are we talking about? The creators of Android decided to add to each of the applications a small file with metadata-a small package with information that a specific position is officially distributed in Google Play. It will be added for each APK file, but in no way affect the operation of the programs. This solution can be considered as a digital certificate of authenticity.

Google points out that in the future this solution should help developers distribute applications and promote them. Details are not known, but this decision on the background of the other two new products, it seems less significant addition. The corresponding certificate must, because you are free of any player that is available in the Google Play database.

No more outdated programs?

No more outdated programs?Probably the most significant change for app developers will come in August 2018. Google has already announced that after this will be introduced a requirement to install the application on the new API level 26, which are assigned to Android 8.0. This means that applications using older APIs that have real apk leecher been abandoned in newer versions of Android will not be able to be hosted on Google Play. Moreover, developers of existing titles will have time until November 2018 to change/update their programs accordingly.

Due to the fact that Google wants to eliminate a large number of archaic applications that use the old API. These are not only less secure (different ways to access sensitive data in different versions of the system), but can also work in fully functional on newer versions of Android.

Google will not stop, however, on API level 26. The company clearly indicates that the requirements for app developers will grow each year. After the release of Android 9.0 developers will have to adapt their programs to new Google solutions. This means the need for systematic work and accelerated innovation. One of the key aspects of the August change will be the need to take care of supporting 64-bit processors. This is due to the last of the announced changes that should come out users have good.

From 2019 only 64-bit applications

From 2019 only 64-bit applicationsGoogle is going to soon go the way of Apple and require application developers to fully switch to 64-bit elements. The giant mountain view points out that it is currently just over 40 percent. the programs available in the store are 64-bit solutions, but they can still be run on 32-bit hardware.

Android developers believe that with the new instructions, 64-bit positions will almost always work better on new smartphones. The company should make sure that each program is available in a version that will run initially. The first steps for this real apk leecher will be made with the introduction of the requirements for the use of new APIs, that is, in August 2019. It’s just great Google traffic.

The changes that are planned to be introduced in Google concern developers, not users, but those others will benefit, on them the most. Especially when Mountain View really manages to get the company to work systematically on its programs. Making changes to new APIs once a year as a requirement should also speed real apk leecher up the adaptation of new technologies in Android applications.

The cherry on the cake will be the transition to built-in support for 64-bit programs. 32-bit systems fall, however, even in the cheapest smartphones, but MediaTek, like other developers of mobile systems, even in the area with a low shelf begin to use 64-bit core ARM. There is nothing left but to cross your fingers in the team responsible for Android, as planned changes can move to a better ecosystem.



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