MMORPG Addiction

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MMORPG games have experienced a real flourishing with the premiere of the iconic World of Warcraft. It was Blizzard glorified this genre. In the market we will also find many other companies that are focused on the production of online games. An example would be at least NC Soft is the Creator of Lineage II, and Guild Wars. In addition to yesterday’s post on DC Universe Online, I thought last day on earth survival would be good to reflect on why multiplayer games attracted millions of players from all over the world to computers.

Manic player MMORPG equipment

Manic player MMORPG equipmentOf course, one of the reasons for the popularity of MMORPG games is their story. After all, everyone once dreamed of taking on the role of a powerful magician or a trained warrior and go in search of adventure. Online RPG games allow us to realize these fantasies. Their main idea is the creation, training and management (often through the plot) of our hero, such a virtual “I”, the realization of our childhood dreams, but not only dreams.

For many, however, this argument does not speak. So what does it do that people are willing to pay for the opportunity to play multiplayer games, but also often trade items from the last day on earth survival game (and even allow them to be stolen, which — as our gray Poland reality has shown — could end in court), as well as virtual currencies?

Of course, the element is inextricably linked to the games MMORPG and component of their success is the human factor. I already explain-playing online games, we always understand that the character with whom we went to conquer the catacombs, is also someone’s reflection. This is not a “bot” designed and created by the game’s developers, but someone’s figure, and someone is currently managing it.

Where did the problem

Where did the problemDue to this, a certain connection is formed between the players, which allows to maintain friendly relations at a distance. Once I met in Warsaw with members of my Guild Guild Wars, and we spent at our Guild leader (so it is said about the woman from blood and bones) very pleasant last day on earth survival weekend. Despite the fact that we only knew of the games and meetings on Team Speak. MMORPG games bring people together, and no one can deny.

The last important feature of online games is that they continue to evolve. This means that we never get to them until then, until we are able to say that we’ve got it all, and we’ve all seen. Manufacturers (such as Blizzard) are still expanding the areas available in the games, while simultaneously adding to the MMORPG games new items, spells, skills or tasks to perform. On boredom there is no, so that sin to complain.

At the end of this brief but hopefully dense trial, I would like to encourage you to play online. I suspect most of you have dealt with them before, however, in case of possible disappointments, don’t forget not to push away with minor setbacks. Everyone once started and will have to learn everything. Search, and you’ll find the one. Massive multiplayer, especially MMORPG games that are a symbol of our time. They use the greatest invention of the last decades-the Internet-to attract more and more players to their virtual world. Allow you to play with millions of people around the world. Give the satisfaction of cooperation and competition. They’re retracting. Used to it.

The phenomenon of World of Warcraft is surprising-in addition to the addict, the buzz catchers (and it’s both men and women, young and old), there are also last day on earth survival players who happen to take vows in MMORPG…

Easier to prevent than to treat

Easier to prevent than to treatThe abuse of substance that some players are causing online games such as the aforementioned WoW, said almost since their appearance on the market. Pay attention that many players devote all their free time to the development of the character in the virtual world. Warned, and in spite of this, a number of people who played the network has grown like an avalanche. In early 2008, the manufacturer of World of Warcraft, Blizzard, reported that the number of subscribers of this title exceeded 10 million, and by the end of the same year was already 11.5 million. What the number of drug addicts-not known.

The fact that the problem is not a fiction is evidenced by a report that appeared in 2005. She talks about a Chinese boy who died after a week of continuous play in WoW. Parents demanded justice from Blizzard in court, and the problem of dependence on MMO games has been seen around the world. On the Internet you can find “funny” (and scary) videos illustrating what happens to a child who constantly gets the opportunity to play. Parents began to look closely at their children, which led many of them to conclude that their consolations were in the grip of drug addiction. How is it possible that a game that was supposed to deliver innocent entertainment caused a lot of last day on earth survival drama?

In the interest of preserving the crown example, that is common “Wow’e”. The ability to develop a character created by the game to its participants, or compare it to characters controlled by other players, made everyone want his alter ego to be the best. Several nights earned for his avatar next levels, collected experience points, which made them spend more and more time on entertainment. Some literally lost themselves in the game, losing control of what was supposed to be pure entertainment. Then there is an addiction.

The behavior of drug addicts in this case is similar to other addicts. Here there is an abstinent syndrome that accompanies the abolition of addictive factors. Players are addicted to participate so much in the virtual world that the real one seems to them a little important and unattractive. Start neglecting school, work, family. Recently it became known that companies are reluctant to hire fans of WoW, explaining the low productivity of their work, because of the sleepless nights spent in front of the computer. The problem certainly exists, and there should be a solution.

Games such as MMO should be used wisely, as well as everything that offers us a civilizational prey. If we keep moderation, WoW and his kind can really make a good time. However, if prevention is too late, you should start treatment, which is the same as other dependencies. Maybe you should go to a psychologist, as it is very difficult, often impossible to get out of drug addiction on your own. The key here is to see the problem. Understanding our dependence, we can take appropriate measures. We can sign up for a support group, share our experiences with other addicts on the forums. Anything to help us regain self – control is a good idea.



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