Or shooters are dangerous

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Or shooters are dangerous: the impact of FPS games on behavior
I play first-person shooter games from 20 years. I killed the guards in Wolfenstein 3D, Mafia 3 cheats and I shot the Germans in Call of Duty. I was glad when I managed to arrange the opponent a headshot. I believe, that for 20 years killed thousands of virtual people. Am I a danger to others?

Killing game

Killing gameNot limited to the war games, although I admit that I like the most. I killed in “Counter Strike”,” Half-Life”, and” I committed mass killings and so already dead creatures, in ” Left 4 Dead “shot from cover in the back of the head, as Hitman and used stick”in enjoying, perhaps, the worst reputation” GTA.

I’ve spent a total of long months in a virtual world where violence is ubiquitous, and the best argument is in a dispute with the proper stockpile of ammunition. Therefore, if you believe repeatedly warned teachers and psychologists, to be with me in the same room-this activity is almost as dangerous as spending time in a cage with a Lion.

I’m not. Over the past twenty years, a gigantic and completely unprecedented experiment has been conducted in the world. In the short term, the game’s actions increase aggression. But this effect does not last long.

The aim of the alleged researchers was to check what would happen if millions, and in fact hundreds of millions of boys and young men would be able to realize for long hours, day after day, month after month, in the role of professional killers.

Murder in the virtual world, for an illusion reminiscent of the real, will make you fearless computer warriors zapałają pleasure feeling of real weapons in the hands and real blood of real victims? Or will their personality change in some other way? Or is it as harmless, as dangerous, as fun in a war with weapons from sticks that dominated the yards a few years ago?

If you look at the press releases, something on things. Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold, who in 1999 killed 13 people at Columbine High School, they spent hours playing “Goals”. 36% of guys play action games. This is 4 percentage points more than in sports. Source: Game Industry Trends 2013 study, Research.NK custom NoNoobs, James Holmes, who killed 12 people and wounded 58 more in a movie theater in Aurora, USA, told investigators that the shooting felt like he was in some sort of computer game.

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian mass murderer, admitted that a year later he played 16 hours a day in the” World of Warcraft”, and training accuracy and provided him with the game”Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”.

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old man who broke into a school and shot and killed more than 20 people, including many children, his mother, and finally himself, have spent more than 500 hours in the game in the “Combat Arms”. From the results of the games stored on the server shows that at this time he killed 83,496 opponents, of which 23,000 appreciate players shot in the head…

Guilty there

Guilty thereAlmost every time it comes to a pointless firefight, criminals ask journalists that they love to play games full of violence. Most often, if not always, receive an affirmative answer. However, in addition to such sensational confirmations of the thesis about the destructive influence of games on the psyche, it is impossible to defend one hundred percent. Although there is a group of scientists who, based on dozens of studies, are trying to prove that millions of boys playing shooting games is a serious threat to society, because as a result of “addiction” to violence in escalation games, Mafia 3 cheats they can also be their behavior in real life.

Moreover, these authorities argue that the negative impact of the games mainly concerns men. Essentially, it’s mostly men (also small) buying action games. From the study of Game Industry Trends 2013 it follows that the game (namely in this category include shooting) game three times more Poles than Shelves. From a Harris Interactive study, it showed that men are 2.5 times more likely than women to recognize that they are addicted to games.

Not every aggression is a crime

Not every aggression is a crime“We cannot say for sure that games lead to more crimes. But we know that under the influence of the game, people are more likely to be aggressive and have aggressive thoughts, ” says Prof. Brad J. Bushman, a psychologist at Ohio state University who has been studying the impact of media violence on people’s behavior for 25 years.

36% – so much reduced the number of serious crimes committed by minors in the United States since 1995. Professor Bushman is the co-author of probably the most important scientific work on the subject. In 2010, a meta-analysis of more than 100 previous studies was published. The result of this work is obvious: play full of violence, computer games, next to drug use, poverty and pathological family one of the factors of increased risk of aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, there are a number of studies that say the exact opposite. Their authors, in turn, note Mafia 3 cheats that many of the studies referred to by the authors of the development, was not conducted in accordance with the standards of the survey.

Small groups of respondents, questionnaires based on self – assessment, lack of control groups-these are just some of the accusations of “defenders of the games”. In their opinion, the games were criticized most often by people who have never played, and therefore, in fact, do not know what they are actually writing about.

Opinions about the dangers of long-term exposure to violence in games are consistent with intuition, but not everything that is consistent with it, however. Christopher Ferguson, clinical psychologist at Stetson University, said: “of course, games affect us, otherwise we would have played them. But do they really pose a threat to public health? Not.”Evidence

If you believe the tabloid news and hungry for Mafia 3 cheats a sense of the media, games in which the winner is the one who most effectively kill everyone in sight – it’s a simple way to go out on the streets and transfer such behavior in a world where the stone-stone, and the weight of a person is measured in kilograms, not kilobits.

This is also the case with the belief that crime is constantly on the rise. Although we have the impression that in the mythical “once”, when there were no computer games, and the children played mostly hide and seek and two tails, there were also fewer criminals, however, hard statistics say something else.

Police statistics show that contrary to this common opinion, Poland is becoming safer. In 2000, the police found 14,353 beatings, in the past 8,788, which is almost 40% less. The number of murders has decreased since 2000, while it is hard to believe, by half (from 1158 to 603)!

At the same time, the number of Mafia 3 cheats players, of course, increased, because for the pioneers included the next generation. Crime in the US and other countries. How to connect these facts? Some clue research Norwegian sociologists who decided to explain where he came from expressed a decrease in juvenile delinquency in this rich country.

Anders Bakker from the Norwegian research Institute Nova, who conducted these studies, believes that the reduction of crime among young people, about 25% – this, incidentally, is the effect of the spread of computers and games.



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