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If someone wants to follow in the footsteps of the legendary alpha Centauri, as it does Pandora:First Contact, it’s better if it’s really a great Shoe.


A little fear to follow the giant, which was, ugh, still, alpha Centauri. Many still believe that this is a peak achievement in the field of 4X games that no one has managed to break through for more than a decade – and it’s possible that they’re right. And then suddenly such a small Pandora is not only trying to do it, but also Pandora first contact cheats very clearly on the alpha Centauri checkpoint. Slight shock, isn’t it? So many years we have been waiting for the continuation, and here you are, is formed to be soon – the premiere is expected in the summer. Welcome, welcome… not really?

TechnologiesNot bad, actually. I played a few hours in the beta version of Pandora: First Contact and it really wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, somehow especially good. Yes, this is a beta, a lot can change, I take it into account and therefore do not put a dash on this project. But these changes should still be very much Pandora first contact cheats if the work of Proxy Studios has to compete not only with the legend of alpha Centauri, but also with other, more conventional strategic turówkami published in recent years. It is not very, what to participate in them.

The case takes place on the planet Pandora of the same name, quite originally named from somewhere. The first of the us open planets suitable for habitation, was experiencing the invasion of colonists from Earth. In General, it lands on the surface of several different groups professing completely different ideologies – militaryści, ecologists, scientists and even religious fanatics. Each of the factions has other bonuses and strengths, but each has some weakness-militaryści for example, should better their trained and strong troops to pay double wages, and scientists, although they are very creative, it is their wolnomyślicielstwo does that internally niespójni and Pandora first contact cheats argue that equals even more terrible morality. As a rule, the choice of a particular group quite strongly affects our style of play, more probably even than in most OTHER 4x games, except alpha Centauri, of course, where all this idea of different ideological faction was taken.

As in this game, and in Pandora, we must reckon with the local fauna and flora

Especially in the beginning when hordes of alien (no, not those others) spewing the next group of bloodthirsty reptiles. The range of aliens is not some wide, a total of five or six different species, including the big nasty sea Leviathan. But it is quite enough to get us back strongly, in the initial stage of the game, and maybe even change it to hell. Fortunately, several stages of technology development will allow us to draw Hellfire in the opposite direction, mainly thanks to our brave soldiers armed with flamethrowers. Phenomenally suitable for cleaning subsequent nests of these paskud… although they do not cope well with other natives, especially with flying. To kill such will need another weapon, which is probably quickly we will develop and in which we will equip our soldiers.

As in this game, and in Pandora, we must reckon with the local fauna and floraWell, Pandora: First Contact also took this idea from alpha Centauri – we develop our divisions personally, at our discretion. With the development of technology opens up your more of their types, for infantry join light vehicles, tanks, walking cars, aircraft and naval vessels. Each of these basic pandora mod apk units can be made into several different types of weapons, with increased efficiency against a certain opponent and significantly weakened against others – flamethrowers, fantastic against manpower, but will do almost nothing, vehicles and aircraft-that’s all.

In our unit, we can also choose an additional module giving, for example, increased attack power or a larger field of view, and the project will complete the installation of the armor, usually the best available. And we can produce such a unit built on the corresponding modules where we want and how we want. Abruptly. Really healthy. The development of new models of weapons is not only interesting, but also crucial for the gameplay – the appropriate army with the appropriate weapons can win the war even with a more high-tech enemy. Moreover, the Pandora first contact cheats progress of technology is not particularly avalanche, and the discovery on the military field does not occur as a particularly fast, and it is difficult for one faction to distance the rest… at least when it comes to the quality of the troops, because with the quantity it can already be different.

Specific Technology

Although in appearance Pandora: First Contact resembles civilization V, through these hexes and the overall graphic design, it is fighting here differently than there-in the old way we enter into one field more than one block. Thanks to this, we can create large armies that ride through hostile cities in an instant war – as it was before. Personally, however, I preferred the approach with Civ V because it initiates tactical thinking and maneuvering, unlike here – in creating a great bunch of troops and clicking on subsequent targets doesn’t have, for too much Pandora first contact cheats finesse, and when everything solves the numerical superiority in the furnace, it becomes a bit of a nudnawo. Well, on the other hand, I know that most fans of the game 4x will, however, this traditional model of fighting, so I will not complain – Pandora is just for them. It means, in terms of war.

Specific TechnologyIn General, the entire beta Pandora: First Contact-this is… boring. Of course, here are ideas taken from the legendary alpha Centauri, but even if they are ideas, they have been used better. Great potential at this point rozmieniany into small, the game does not just stand in the shadow of the classic, which is leveled, but literally its shadow, which only repeats the movement, but it lacks depth and expressiveness. Diplomacy is residual, SI incredibly aggressive, political and social, so important in alpha Centauri, here omitted completely – the game boils down to an arms race and permanent war, first with alien organisms, and then with other factions. And it’s even bearable, but only in the short term, because quickly every day and just the world is boring.

And Yes, I know it’s beta, that changes happen every few days in subsequent patches, that much more can happen. But I remember not only niedosiężnie better alpha Centauri, but also the fresh beta versions of the next 4x games Pandora first contact cheats like Endless Space or StarDrive-and they were much more interesting and more absorbing than what Pandora offers. A lot, as I expected after the game with such hopes, and it turned out that it is a little inspiring, craft products that do not cause any emotions. I’m sick of it in a few hours… but the plus can include the fact that it made me dig in boxes of old games in search of a disc from alpha Centauri, which is to dig, more and more nervous, I’ll be back right after setting the last point in this text. Oh, this.



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