Space Battles

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A lot of people have recently started encountering space battles which appear randomly as you warp into a system. So far they’ve all been the same and they look exactly like in – you get a distress signal and as you approach it you’re given an objective – “Rescue Cargo Freighters”.


Things worth noting:

  • Freighters and pirate ships were shooting at each other like crazy but doing 0 damage and in the demos a freighter was shown destroying a ship.
  • There are no sentinel (or any other) ships helping you and randomly hitting a freighter will make them attack you.
  • You can destroy freighter containers and they will fight back doing tons of damage, but this will not change your objective, so you can’t pick a side.
  • I finished the battle without landing on a planet or docking with a station, so I don’t know if that would result in anything.
  • After warping to the current system I DID fly in behind a couple of ships as in attack formation, but I believe those were pirate ships.

Here are a few screenshots I made as proof:

and added:

Had to go back to space station to recharge my shields 3 times during the event. (…) Did not affect the event whatsoever, didn’t end, same ships, nothing. Also space combat the loot is almost impossible to get as they disappear after a very short time. The only reward for success was Gek rep; same as killing pirates anywhere. Swiftly followed by the sentinels destroying me because auto-aim lasers hit a passing ship. Oh, you’re battling a pirate? Well you obviously meant to shoot this passing neutral ship, here you go!

So, apparently, the space battle encounters in the game do exist but they look nothing like – no huge fleets, no allied battle ships, no sides to choose and no actual battle going on – the ships are just firing blanks at each other until you step in.

—Mr. D



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